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There are hundreds of different FAT burners on the market.

Some containing banned substances such as Ephedrine (this stuff is BAD!) and pretty much all of them containing substances designed to unnaturally speed things up in your body which assists in burning off more body fat.

To be honest, anyone taking fat burners or anyone thinking about taking them… SAVE YOUR MONEY (and your health)!

As with a lot of supplements, they’re not proven to do what they are supposed to do.  Or, in the case of ephedrine fat burners, can be VERY dangerous… even resulting in DEATH.

Always check for possible side effects and do your research properly before taking supplements as, unlike medicines, supplements are not regulated by any governing body, therefore manufacturers can claim ANYTHING they want about their products without anything ever being checked or verified.

Or if studies have been carried out, ensure the study was independent…a lot aren’t!

However, I may have found something that could help to reduce your fat storage AND in turn, increase fat burning outside of exercising.

It’s called Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA or short and is found naturally in milk, meat and cheese.

In studies, Norwegian researchers observed a 20 per cent reduction in body fat from volunteers that took 3g per day for 3 months.

Not only that but when combined with resistance training, CLA was also found to increase muscle mass and strength.

And the best bit… no risk of death.  Always a good thing!

However, before loading up on it remember this… NOTHING beats good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise.

If you’re still going to consume those Kentucky Fried Chickens at the weekend or Friday night take-a-ways, you’re not going to see any results from just taking CLA alone.

For the BEST results, clean up your diet and start exercising and the weight will fly off.